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I graduated with 2 degrees from National College. Their degrees are worthless pieces of paper. I cannot get a job in the field that I have my degrees in and none of their credits will transfer to the new college that I am attending now. Their pieces of paper aren't even good enough for you to get a job inside their own college. What a waste! I am in debt up to my eyeballs with them all for nothing! I feel like I wasted every single hour I sat in... Read more

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Teacher didn't explain anything that would help you to understand the class they act like you should already know how to do it. The student loan had almost paid off and they sold to someone else who didn't get in contact with me and now I know more then I should since they *** around with my loan

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I attended the Knoxville, TN location. Graduated from their Medical Billing & Coding program and Medical Transcription program. I, like many others can not transfer my credits to continue and further my education. The student loans that they have you do for a 9 month program (which turns into almost 2 years) even after qualifying for full financial aid is more than my teenage daughter is paying for a 4 year private college. The debit it almost... Read more

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I was trying to get in national college on bell road campus over a month now every time I take appointment there is no one there and guy his name frank he doesn't know his job at all and he doesn't care if I get in or not and finally he told me you can't get in January classes and just try to come back on March we can help you and I have every thing ready but because frank didn't know his job I'm out of January classes and this is so bad to put... Read more

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I graduated from this *** poor college with an associates degree in accounting. Do I have an accounting job after fives years of graduating ?!?! Nope and I have a $20000 debt that has been sent to collections. These fools want $260 a month and I'm only willing to give them $50. Anyways I hope jack Conway can nail these fools for ripping consumers off. Also an *** can pass their classes as I'm sure the teachers are instructed to pass them... Read more

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My experience at National College was not a great one. Every 3 months the staff would change as well as the director over the campus. The onset skill training was poorly handled...never worked with up to date software program system as the hospital were currently using at the time. We would have about 30 minutes of lab time which would be if we came across ed a section in our text book that wanted for us to get a feel for the example in the... Read more

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if u are going to put in your time and money going to college, choose one that is accredited and respected by other schools. National college isn't accredited or respected. Read more

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I have attended National College for nearly 9 months now and have recently quit going. After spending 10 weeks in one class doing nothing but watching the NBA playoffs, instructors sleeping in class, class rooms disruptive, I just quit going. I have now e-mailed Academic Affairs, Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau, Attorney General, and ACICS, and started an investigation with the college to recoup my money since I can not transfer my... Read more

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National college is one of the worst school I ever been to. Im currently at this school not by choice, because other school won't take most of the classes I had already taking with college. Most of the instructors don't know how to teach. Your money goes just to sit in class to listen to speakers on just Learn by your self the course which you can do that at home. They don't have the class you need to take for that term you force to... Read more

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Why is it that if you dont stay on them about whats going on with your loan situations they dont tell you until the end causing you to come out of pocket? These *** failed to tell me after classes were set and ive attended almost three weeks that id have to pay for a third class each term which is 1200 dollars and only reason I know that is because I asked a question about a class and said they could drop one but who does that im trying to... Read more

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